Frequently Asked Questions

The 1800secs Program will teach you how to use your neural plasticity to increase the threshold of your ejaculatory center to 30 minutes, allowing you to prolong intercourse.

This practical course uses neuro-scientific theories to deepen the neural pathways responsible for ejaculation time. You will have all the time in the world to enjoy the precious things love has in store for you.

Setting your ejaculatory center to a higher threshold is an essential part of treatment without pills, creams, Kegels, respiration techniques, stop-and-start methods, or anything else you may have heard of. This is the only effective way to increase your intercourse time 30- to 60-fold, which is revolutionary!

NO. The 1800secs Program is a totally new program and it’s based only on scientifically proven data.

Yes. In order to dance the tango, you both need to be in rhythm, using the same steps. You can’t dance the tango if you’re using hip hop moves while your partner’s doing ballet. What will you tell your partner if the two of you are experiencing 30 minutes of intercourse when before you could only last a few seconds?








The program is about prolonging your intercourse to 30 minutes or longer. That’s all. Thirty minutes.

The average uninterrupted intercourse time achieved on the very first attempt is 15 minutes!!!

Yes. This program supports two types of training: with a partner and without one. This self-training program is offered free once you buy the book and the video.

This program was developed by a Medical Doctor, a Urologist with 30 years of experience, using ways that ensure NO failure in reaching the destination. We are so confident that our program will get you there that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for an unlimited period of time.

No. It is a neurological problem as recent studies have shown. By a neurological problem, we mean that there are neurological centers and pathways, which are responsible for ejaculation time. These ejaculatory centers are located both in the spinal cord and the brain. They are small in volume and capacity. These neurological pathways are shallow and “burn out” after briefly being stimulated.

Some studies have clearly demonstrated that the mental presentation of sexual images is much more vivid in men with premature ejaculation than in men without premature ejaculation.

Because men’s ideas of how these things should work are deeply seated in their mind and for them to be reprogrammed, they need this amazing 1800secs Program.

Yes. Behavioral epigenetics studies the modification of neuronal activity in the brain and thus the shaping of human behavior. Neural pathways are created in the brain on an everyday basis, based on our habits and behaviors. Imagine these pathways as grooves or roads in your brain.

Our brain is a kind of machine that receives stimuli and creates pathways or inculcate grooves. Our brain is equipped with billions of neurons that create endless pathways, some shallow, and some deeply grooved. Some of these pathways serve us in our most intimate situations.

If the stimulus is perpetuated, nerve cells of these pathways are forced to communicate among one another more frequently. This strengthens and changes the connections, and thus human behavior. With continuous repetition, as scientifically taught in the 1800secs Program, these behavioral changes become automatic. Examples of complicated behaviors that we do automatically because certain neural pathways have been formed are eating, writing, and driving a car.

Neural pathways get stronger with repetition until the new behavior becomes normal. An old Latin proverb says “REPETITA IUVANT” meaning repetition is beneficial. Ten times of uninterrupted intercourse for 30 minutes will allow you to reinforce your pathways.

Reprogramming of the ejaculatory neural pathway using the 1800secs Program is intended to incorporate new habits into your most intimate moments. These should last throughout your life and will enable you to prolong your intra-vaginal latency time to half an hour or longer.

The 1800secs Program uses the brain’s ability to constantly change itself (neuroplasticity) by creating new ejaculatory neural pathways and replacing old pathways that are no longer being used. It requires the sustained practice of the new behavior to sufficiently challenge the brain to perform in a new way as a result of creating and using new neural highways instead of an old, narrow, shallow path.

Men that do not have control over their intra-vaginal latency time have a fixed mindset or agreement with themselves that perpetuates the same behavior that nearly kills intimacy. The main achievement of the 1800secs Program is that it replaces this mindset.

External stimuli are perceived by millions of receptors placed throughout our bodies. It is via those receptors that we interact with our surrounding environment. One of those interactions is during intimacy when we are interacting with both macro-environmental and micro-environmental stimuli, (i.e., vaginal temperature, moistness, and contact).

Our body is full of receptors (antennas) that collect information from the environment and create pathways in the brain. By using the smart 1800secs Program, we can functionally reorganize our brain to a new mindset, discovering the full potential of sexual intimacy.

Ejaculation is defined as early or premature when it happens shortly after penetration, within 60 seconds, or when the man cannot fully control his intra-vaginal latency time (ILT).

PE affects 25-30% of the sexually active male population. Generally, is accompanied by imminent and stressful sensations because the desired and hoped for lengthier act is vanishing.

An orgasm depends on how much sexual tension has been accumulated during intercourse. The more sexual tension one achieves, the stronger he/she explodes. Just think about a balloon: when you blow up a balloon two things happen: one is that with each inflation the balloon becomes bigger, and the other is that the tension on the balloon itself increases. There is a huge difference between popping the balloon after very few inflations and popping it after 10 minutes of inflation when the bang will obviously be much stronger. The same occurs with orgasms: the more accumulated sexual tension with each thrust over time, the stronger the orgasm.

In the vertebral column, we have an ejaculation center that differs in each man by the threshold: one may have a 30-second threshold to start an orgasm, another may have 60 seconds, and another may last 2 minutes, and so on. The only scientific solution to increasing your intra-vaginal latency time is the 1800secs Program. This is because it uses the capacity of the neural system or ejaculatory center to change (neural plasticity) the duration. The program prolongs the threshold of your ejaculation center through 10 levels, until you can reach 30 minutes of uninterrupted intercourse.

There are many centers but to mention two more: the respiratory center drives the diaphragm, and the micturition center controls your bladder and its sphincters. The respiratory center is located a few millimeters above the micturition center in every case.

Two principal sources bombard the ejaculatory center during sexual activity: the penile receptors that serve as antennas to what’s going on in the vagina and sexual fantasies from the head. The head sends messages from the conscious as well unconscious reservoirs that flow down to the ejaculatory center.

Average intercourse time is 10 minutes, and this has been substantiated by various studies.

There are many behavioral differences that are secondary to the fact that men have early ejaculation. The most striking is the fact that the majority of men with PE tend to bring their partners to climax before penetration: “ladies first” is the gentlemen’s rule. This gentlemen’s rule is used to camouflage their inability to have sex for more than one or two minutes.

There are various pathways to explain the uncontrolled phenomenon of premature ejaculation. Some investigators attribute it to genetic factors, caused by how the serotonin receptors are distributed in the ejaculatory center. Another cause may be that man instinctively feels that he must perform sex in some particular way and this misconception is responsible for premature ejaculation. Others have seen adult films and mistakenly feel that the way sex is performed in films is the best way to satisfy their partner. Others may have been influenced by friends. Whatever the cause, any treatment offered should address the ejaculatory center as well as both the conscious and unconscious mind. Any method intended to treat premature ejaculation should address the root of the problem, which is the ejaculatory center. And the only successful method is the 1800secs Program.

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