Success Stories


30 years old

This is a legendary program. During our first attempt, I lasted 20 of the happiest minutes of our intimate life. Don’t think twice. Each day you postpone the treatment you lose a part of your heart. Listen, there are a lot of things out there that promise more sexual satisfaction; a lot of pills and gels and who knows what else? None of them work. But the 1800secs Program does. And they are offering a 100% money-back unlimited guarantee. You have so much to gain and nothing to lose!


24 years old

I tried the 1800secs Program out of curiosity. When I climaxed after 1 minute of intercourse I used to “collapse” on the bed. You know what I mean. It was because of the intensity of my climax. After I began using the 1800secs Program, I nearly reach my nine-foot ceiling when I cum, and only then do I crash on the bed. No words. It’s like blowing up a balloon. The more you blow the stronger it pops. It’s the same with intercourse: the longer you last, the stronger you cum. Simple math.


51 years old

With years it worsened even. Lately, I used to cum in less than 30 seconds. After first trying the 1800secs Program, we enjoyed 20 minutes of intercourse without counting foreplay. Before starting the 1800secs Program I thought there was no chance of lasting longer than what I’d become used to. I just assumed that it would last about a minute. And when I didn’t cum, I just thought it would happen in another minute but when two minutes passed, I still hadn’t cum. Five minutes later, nothing happening yet, and after 10 minutes I still hadn’t cum. It was only after 20 blessed minutes (God is my witness), that I finally reached a climax.


47 years old

Ever since I’ve been sexually active, I’ve suffered from premature ejaculation. I’ve tried various remedies without much success. With the 1800secs Program, I reached an incredible 27 minutes of continuous intercourse. This is astonishing and my wife says so too. It’s a well-thought-out program. You have nothing to lose by trying it, so get it now!


27 years old

Each time I had a date, and we were about to enter the bedroom I stopped after making excuses not to proceed. So, 90% of my dates ended before going to bed due to my performance anxiety and most importantly, me being worried about premature ejaculation. Guys, since I implemented the 1800secs Program the number of dates when I ended up in bed is reversed: Now 90% of the time we end up in bed. I am a whole new man. I have now overcome my performance anxiety. Good luck to you. I very much recommend this program. It’s worth any amount of money.


33 years old

I am a personal trainer at a gym and am considered very good looking, having no extra fat. My unique problem was that in opposition to my good looks I was a disaster in bed because of my short ejaculation time. Surprisingly, this 1800secs Program uses the same concepts that I use in the gym. The concept of graduality, which means gradual changes. Instead of gaining muscle mass, you get a huge ejaculatory center that is resistant to repeated stimuli. You gain total control over your intercourse time. You can set your internal timer to any time you want. It’s incredible. But facts are facts.


38 years old

I guess I was using a quicker way to reach a climax. About 30 seconds and it’s done!? Oddly enough, I used this simple, step-by-step 1800secs method in many other situations but not in the bedroom. But during the training program, all I needed to do was enjoy several 10-minute periods of intercourse. Simple and effective.  No more holding my breath, no more stops and starts.


36 years old

By using the 1800secs Program I finally understand a lot of things about myself, especially concerning my sex life. I now feel more comfortable with myself getting into bed with my partner. I gained a sense of peace. No more stress to prove my masculinity, which I erroneously thought should consist of only a few pumps. I’m a new man, confident within myself, ready for any encounter in the bedroom. No more shortcuts. By the way, this is truly a scientific program.


24 years old

I was surprised to find myself experiencing lengthy intercourse after first trying this great 1800secs Program. Pill-free, cream-free, Kegel-free, deep-breathing-free, and free to last as long as I want. I remember the first attempt lasting 12.5 minutes. On the second attempt, I could handle 22.5 minutes of stress-free intercourse. On the third attempt, I found myself lasting 32 minutes. Then I went to Step 2. This doctor makes miracles. And the program…is perfect..


42 years old

One of the reasons I ended up divorced was my short intercourse time, just 30 seconds! Over the years it got worse. When I started dating women again, time-after-time I found myself embarrassed trying to explain the problem. Yes, I used creams, but the problem was that I had to retreat to the bathroom saying I had to pee in order to coat my skin with anesthetics. Then I had to shower because the cream can numb the vagina. This is why I couldn’t spontaneously approach my partner. With the 1800secs Program, I’m able to reach my climax when my partner is finally exhausted. Simple but true.

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