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38 years old

I’ve been married for 12 years and have been experiencing premature ejaculation the entire time. I have tried a few methods, but I could never get rid of the problem. I used to ejaculate in a matter of seconds, 20 seconds for me was an Olympic record. Then, I decided to try the 1800secs method. On my first attempt, I reached a full 15 minutes of continual intercourse. After we finished, for the first time she looked at me with admiration. I also think she had her very first orgasm during intercourse.


28 years old

Just to make it clear. I have tried various treatment options but no one of them did any substantial cJust to make it clear, I have tried various treatment options but not one of them made any substantial change in my intercourse time. Before getting involved with the 1800secs method I wanted to be sure that it was not just a compilation of various other methods on the market. When I found out that it was a totally new concept in approaching premature ejaculation, I decided to try it. On just the first attempt, I reached an unbelievable 21 minutes of intercourse. This doctor is a genius.

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